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‘Vegiland’ is the leading  producer and exporter of fruits and vegetables, owning farms,  and operates with full-time, and seasonal employees who are responsible for over 75 Sri Lankan fruits and vegetables.  Activities of the company’s  farms are organised in accordance with  good agricultural practices.  In addition, the company deals with other progressive farmers in different regions for regular supply of certain produce.  As such the company helps farmers to overcome poverty, and to solve the post-harvest losses of their production.

‘Vegiland’ having complied with international standards, possesses ISO 22000 certification as proof of quality, and safety of its products.   Our main office and pack house located in Rilaulla, Kandana have necessary facilities for processing, grading, cleaning and washing, quality control, safety packaging, and transporting as per the demand of the international market.

Our major market is Europe mainly the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Norway,  and Germany , under strict hygienic conditions.  Our company is regarded by many buyers, due to the excellence of its capabilities.

We wish to expand our market base still further in order to increase our exports.  Our export capacity  is expected to increase from the current 800,000 to 900,000 per year  by the next year.

The company has been represented at many  Business Promotion Programmes, and Trade Fairs  in many countries such as The Netherlands, Middle East and the Maldives.  We have been able to have direct interactions and establish direct business contacts with potential buyers. The STDF 354 Project on improving safety and quality of Sri Lankan Fruits and Vegetables enables us to continually assess our suppliers’ farming processes, and identify opportunities for ongoing improvement.

We value our long term relationships with our customers. We need to maintain our current level of business already achieved, as well as to move into untapped markets and maintain a steady growth in our export sales volume for the sustainability of the company for many years.    We seek to establish business with buyers in other regions and countries in order to increase our volume of exports.   Our goal is to expand the export business into additional markets.

Our strategy is to serve our customers with quality produce at the best prices.  This has enabled the company to export efficiently, and build a broad customer base overseas.

Our Mission is to export fresh fruits and vegetables produced via the best farming methods to enhance  quality, and thereby achieve Sri Lankan and European quality st

andards, and provide exceptional customer satisfaction in the long term.