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Winning an Export Award enhances the Visibility of an export enterprise in overseas markets, and enables attraction of new customers

NCE Awards 2019 Guidelines

NCE Awards 2019 Application


27th Annual NCE Export Awards 2019 - Press Conference

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27th Annual NCE Export Awards 2019 Ceremony

20th September 2019 at the Shangri-La Colombo 

Application Criteria 

01. Eligibility

  1. Any registered business organization in Sri Lanka which has been in exports or support services for a minimum of two years prior to the date of
  2. enterprises which are not separate legal entities (Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Private Limited Liability Companies, and Public Limited or Listed Companies etc.) in respect of the same Product or Service category). of organizations (Units, Divisions, Estates, Factories etc.) are not eligible.
  3. Holding Companies could apply by providing audited consolidated accounts detailing Total turnover and Export turnover separately
  4. Documentary evidence should be provided, certified by the auditors, to substantiate consolidation of performance related only to the same product or service category.
  5. Separate applications are not allowed by a group company or holding company and their separate entities, which they consolidate, in respect of the same product or service category. However, separate applications are allowed in the case of different products or services between the group or holding company, and their separate entities.
  6. “The Most Outstanding Exporter” – Award winner for two consecutive years, is not eligible to apply for the third consecutive.


Applicants are eligible to apply under the following four main sectors

  1. Export of Products
  2. Export of Business & Professional Services
  3. Suppliers / Service Providers to Exporters
  4. Import Substitution Products and Services.

02. Period of Performance Evaluation and Documents Required

  1. 2.1.   The financial year 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019 or the Calendar Year 1stJanuary 2018 to 31st December 2018.
  2. 2.2. Draft Accounts (signed by the CEO or MD of the enterprise) or Audited Accounts for the          corresponding period of performance.
  3. 2.3. Audited Accounts for the Previous (Year1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018 or the Calendar Year 1stJanuary 2017 to 31st December 2017)

 03. Categorization of Applicants

  • Extra Large – Annual Export turnover (Export Value ) more than Rs: 1.5 Bn
  • Large – Annual Export turnover (Export Value ) more than Rs: 500 Mn upto 5Bn
  • Medium – Annual Export turnover (Export Value ) from Rs: 100 Mn upto 500 Mn
  • Small – Annual Export turnover (Export Value ) less than Rs: 100 Mn

Same turnover limits will apply for the Business & Professional Services Exports Sector as well as Suppliers / Service Providers to Exporters Sector.

Textiles and Garments sector
Men’s & Women’s wear, Fashion Garments, Embroidery, and related products such as threads and buttons etc.
Tea & Tea Products sectorBulk & Value Added Teas such as Ready to Drink (RTD) Teas, Tea Extracts, Organic Teas, Herbal Teas etc.
Rubber & Rubber Products sectorCrepe Rubber – RSS Grades, Technically Specified Rubber (TSR), Industrial & Surgical gloves, , Latex Rubber Products etc.,
Rubber Tires and Accessories SectorPneumatic and Solid Rubber tires, Tubes Etc.
Coconut & Coconut Products sectorFresh Coconuts, Kernel Products such as Desiccated Coconut (DC), Coconut Cream, and Coconut Milk Powder; Non – Kernel products such as fiber based products, Activated Carbon etc.
Fisheries & Fishery Products sectorFresh fish such as Tuna, Prawns, Shrimps, Crabs, Lobsters, Sea Cucumbers etc. Processed and canned fishery products, etc.
Ornamental Fish SectorFresh Water, and Marine ornamental fish
Fresh Food Products sectorFresh Fruits & Vegetables, and other perishables.
Processed Food Products sectorDehydrated & Canned Food Products etc.
Fresh & Processed Agricultural Export Crops sectorHerbal Medical crops and processed products, and other agricultural crops.
Floriculture & Horticulture Products SectorFresh Flowers. Plants, Leaves, etc.
Spices and Spice based ProductsSpices & Spice based Products such as Spice mixtures and powders, Essential Oils & Oleo Resins, Condiments, and Perfumery Products
Gems & Jewellery sectorPrecious & Semi Precious stones (Rough & Cut), Cut & Polished Diamonds, Jewellery, including Costume Jewellery, etc.
Poultry & Livestock products sectorBroilers, Eggs, Processed Meat Products such as Sausages, Animal feeds, etc.
Ceramic and Porcelain Products SectorCeramic & Porcelain products, , Floor & Wall Tiles, ornamental Ceramics etc.
Other Mineral based products sectorGlass and Glass Products, Mineral sands, Graphite & Graphite based products, Mica and Mica based products, Granite Products, Salt and Salt Based Products, Mineral Fertilizers etc.
Chemical products sectorPaints & Varnishes, Emulsions, Resins, Petroleum based products such as Lubricants, etc.
Plastics and Plastic Products sectorPlastics and plastic Products.
Wood & Wood based products sectorFurniture, Wood Flooring and paneling, etc.
Toy Products Sector Wooden Toys, rubber toys, soft toys etc.
Leather & Leather based products sectorTanned Leather, Leather Garments, Leather Gloves, Leather Bags, Shoes etc.
Confectionary and Beverage Products sectorBiscuits, Chocolates, Fruit Drinks, Mineral Waters etc.
Alcoholic and Tobacco Products sectorBeers, and other Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco and Tobacco products etc.
Electronic & Electrical Products sectorElectronic Components & Products, Electrical Transformers, & Cables etc.
Boat & Ship Building, and Repair services sectorBoat Building, Ship Building, Ship Repairs & Services etc.
Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector & related servicesComputer Hardware & Software products, ICT & BPO related services etc.
Handicrafts & Handloom Products sectorAll Hand crafted Products and Handloom Products,
Paper & Paper based Products sectorStationery products, Printed material, Hard Board, Waste Paper Products etc.
Packaging Products sectorCorrugated Cartons and Boxes, Sacks & Bags, Plastic Crates, all types of Labels etc.
Machinery & Light Engineering Products sectorTea Machinery & Other Machinery, Screws, Nuts & Bolts, Automotive components, other Metallic Components & Products etc.
Recycled Products SectorRecycled products of Paper, Textiles, Electronic items, Foods Etc.
Business & Professional Services Exports sectorAccountancy Services, Employment Agency Services, Engineering and Hydrology Services, Construction and Related Services, Legal Services, Educational Services, Medical Services, Entreport Trade Services, Bunkering and Ship Chandelling services, Other Port Services, offshore business activities, and Investments etc.
Suppliers to Exporters sector.Suppliers of raw materials, Finished and Semi Finished Products, components to exporters.
Service Providers to Exporters sector.Insurance Services, Courier Services, Financial Services, Testing, Certification and Laboratory Services etc.
Logistic Services SectorFreight Forwarding, and other logistical services
Tourism & Tourism related services sector.Hotel & Hospitality Services, Tour Operators & Travel Agencies etc., Provision of Products & Services to Tourists Earning Foreign Exchange (Including Wellness Tourism), Supplies of Tourism related Products and Services to Hotels etc.
Import Substitution sectorAny product or service which is a substitute for imports that saves quantifiable Foreign Exchange.


Applications are evaluated under the following main criteria:

  • Export Performance – (Total Value of Exports, Overall Export Growth, Regular Nature of markets)
  • Market/ Product Development – (New Markets / Products, Product Diversification, Market Diversification) 
  • Value Addition – (Net Value Addition, Process of Value Addition)
  • Financial Performance (Earnings, Return on Investment, Effective Asset & Fund Management, Statutory Compliances) 
  • Effective Management Efforts – (Productivity, Export Capacity expansion,and Sustainability, Trade Promotions, Significant Achievements related to the Company and Country)
  • Implementation of Quality Management / Environment Protection Systems. Resource Efficient Cleaner Production & Waste Management, Efficient Energy Management etc.
  • Branding – (Brand Strategy and Brand Promotion related to brands registered in Sri Lanka)
  • Innovation – (Nature of the Product/s, Process, or Market Innovations and beneficial results)
  • Research and Development Activities 
  • Ethical Business Practices, Good Governance 

Involvement of Ernst & Young as the Strategic Partner of the NCE export Awards

Ernst and young is r Reputed Multinational firm of Accountants and Auditors, Engaged by the NCE to provide professional services for the annual Export awards to evaluate applications, for selection of award winners by an independence professional panel of judges. The services and expert inputs provided by Ernst & Young in the evaluation process of applications and support services provided to the Panel of Judges has been highly appreciated by all Award Winners and other stakeholders in their capacity as the strategic partner for the event.

Evaluation Procedure


Applications will be evaluated based on the following three stages detailed below.

  • First Stage

Applications will be evaluated by a Technical Panel and preliminary marks allocated (inputs will be provided to the Technical Panel by a Multinational Audit Firm based on a check list to ensure conformity to criteria).

  • Second Stage

The Panel of judges will carry out a further evaluation, short list the applicants, call them for an interview to obtain further clarifications, and carry out factory visits if considered necessary.

  • Third Stage

The panel of judges will make the final selection of award recipients after a careful review of all preliminary evaluation reports, the outcome of interviews, and factory visits.

Special Awards

The following awards will be given away based on the criteria outlined.

Most Outstanding Exporter – Overall

Most Outstanding Exporter – Overall – Runner up

Best Value Added Exporter – Products Sector

Best Value Added Exporter – Services Sector

Best Woman Exporter

Most Outstanding SME Exporter

Best Performing Exporter in Emerging Markets

Most Innovative Exporter/s

Best Performer in Research and Development Activities.

 Recognition of Disabled persons by export oriented enterprises

Story Behind the trophy

Unveils the restructured Awards Ceremony with innovative special awards, and the re-designed attractive trophy

Story Behind the Trophy The newly designed trophy introduced last year is based on the ideas and concepts given to a designer and to manufacturer to meet the requirements of the Chamber. The
Chamber is the exclusive owner of the concept and the new design.

The Trophy is of cylindrical shape with a Globe carrying the World Map at its apex. The Globe depicts the International nature of export markets covering the entire world. In addition, the concept has the nature of a light house depicting a beacon showing the path ahead for Sri Lankan Exports which is so vital for the economy.

The Three metal plated arrows round the Globe originating from its bottom, increasing in thickness and pointing upwards depicts growth in exports related to International Markets. The three arrows also depict the triple bottom line in respect of exports comprising Profits People and the Planet, which is a modern concept for the overall sustainability of an organization. The Black colour of the trophy depicts Authority and Power in relation to colour psychology, which is reminiscent of the real nature of exports.

NCE Export Awards 2018 – Testimonials 


I thank you for this year also organized an event of “NCE Export Awards – 2018” for us to make feasible access towards Business Bloom.My Special Thanks go to Mr. Shiham Marikkar – Secretary General, Mr. Chandana Wijekoon – Senior Executive, Operations and other officials of NCE Secretariat for providind us guidance and support in every aspect until the completion of Award Presentation Ceremony. Mr. Jude – Rodrigo

Managing Director – Bopitiya Auto Enterprises

We are thankful for organizing such kind of a glamorous event to reward the Sri Lankan exporters and encouraging them to reach and make Sri Lankan foot print in the Global market. Mr. Kanishka Suriyarathne

Managing Director – BonTerra Ltd

“Comparatively all arrangements and correspondents are appreciated. Mr. Suneth Nishantha

Ceylon Eco Organics (Pvt) Ltd

“Compared last year have a big improvement. Need to improve the publicity from electronic media with awards winners.” Mr. Asela Jayarathne

Richard Pieris Exports PLC

“It was a great Event as well as great Job done by NCE .” Mr. Sanjaya Kulathunga

Ceylon Jewelry Manufactures

Our Supportive Partners – 26th Annual NCE Export Awards 

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National Chamber of Exports (NCE) Sri Lanka has launched the Award Winners Logo in order to confirm the win of our prestigious award winners of the Export Awards who are selected by an independent Panel of Judges.

One of the main benefits as an Award Winner is the opportunity accorded to you to use the information related to your success in winning the Award in all Publicity and Marketing material of the Enterprise both locally and overseas to attract prospective buyers, as well as to enhance the image of the Enterprise with all stakeholders, to expand business, and particularly exports, to increase profitability.