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NCE - ILO 3rd Delineation

NCE led a 3rd delegation of member companies to the North after the collaboration with the Local Empowerment for Economic Development (LEED) project of the ILO in September 2014.

The following 7 companies participated in this delegation:

  1. A.S. Agri Exports (Pvt) Ltd
  1. Geo Chem Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
  1. Rakeeb International (Pvt) Ltd
  1. Vegiland Exporters (Pvt) Ltd
  1. Lanka Canneries (Pvt) Ltd
  1. SGS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
  1. Rancrisp Cashew

The objective was to explore possibilities of linking producers in the North of suitable products required by member exporters of the Chamber.

Initially, discussions were held with LEED officials and field visits to Vaddakachchi, ThiruvaiAaru, Mulankavil, Visuvamdu, Thimpili, Kompavil, Senaipilavu, Anandarpuliyankulam and Nedunkerney were made along with the delegates. Meetings were held with the relevant officials, producers and farmers, and farmer associations.

The exporters were interested in the following products:

  • Chilies
  • Banana
  • Papaya
  • Wood apple
  • Organic farming – Aloe vera, katu anodha, Neem, Sunflower
  • Tapioca
  • Aravi
  • Mangoes

Also the companies such as Geo Chem Lanka and SGS Lanka were inspection companies who were willing to disseminate knowledge to the farmers regarding Good Agricultural Practices, Identification of soils and recommendation on suitable crops.

SGS Lanka has submitted a proposal soon after the delegation including agricultural services (crop production inspection and intervention services, analytical service, tailor made awareness programme etc.) Laboratory services, Environmental services, GMP, GAP certification and training and consultation services.

The outcome of the delegation was positive. With respective to the third delegation, few companies were interested in having a follow up meeting with ILO Officials and submitting the proposals.

  • S. Agri Exports (Pvt) Ltd –
  • Rakeeb International (Pvt) Ltd
  • Vegiland Exporters (Pvt) Ltd
  • Lanka Canneries (Pvt) Ltd
NCE - ILO 2nd Delineation

Following the success of the pilot delegation led by the NCE which visited the North in November the NCE led a second delegation from 26th – 28th March, 2014.  This was based on the following identified opportunities as per information gathered from representatives from the North.

  1. Production of dried fruits
  2. Production of dried onions
  3. Packet powdered murunga (Moringi)
  4. Production of Flavoured Palmyrah Jaggery
  5. Manufacture of Sinhala Pickle (Achcharu) and Lime Pickle
  6. Establishment of Sea cucumber (Beche De Mer) farms at Poonekery

The following six companies showed interest in the above projects and participated in the second delegation.

  1. CR Exports (Pvt) Ltd
  2. Straight- Line International (Pvt) Ltd
  3. Renuka Agrifoods PLC
  4. Fanam International (Pvt) Ltd
  5. Scanwell Logistics
  6. International Food stuff Group of Companies (IFCO)

The visit was of three days duration.  Meetings were held with the relevant officials, producers and farmers, followed by field visits. The outcome of the delegation was encouraging. The participants showed interest in the following:

  1. CR Exports (Pvt) Ltd was interested in purchasing Murunga (‘Moringo’ which is a vegetable) by offering the producers a standard price. The company also indicated interest in purchasing other vegetables, and is ready to provide any assistance required for the purpose.
  2. Straight-Line International and Renuka Agrifoods PLC have requested that a feasibility study be carried out by the relevant cooperative regarding the number of coconut trees and coconuts which can be collected per month for the following.
    • Straight-Line International is interested in establishing a coconut husk collecting unit and processing unit, since it exports coir based products as a growing medium and is able to provide employment to nearly 450 families in the North.
    • Renuka Agrifoods is interested in purchasing coconuts for processing for export of coconut milk powder, coconut cream, coconut water etc.
  3. Fanam International is interested in purchasing Palmyrah jaggery. The company wishes to carry out an analysis to determine the constituents of the jaggery including the nature and quality of the sugar content, and is also concerned about the volume of available products. The company is also interested to buy products related to organic production.
  4. Scanwell Logistics has submitted a proposal to establish a hub operation to provide logistical services. It will establish contact with the Vavuniya North Cooperative Society to see the way forward.

IFCO is interested in purchasing Dragon Fruit since the company is already exporting dragon fruit produced to a limited extent in their farms. Representatives of the company are interested in visiting a couple of dragon fruit plantations during next visit. The company is also interested in purchasing red lady papaya and other fruits and vegetables as it is a leading exporter of fruits and vegetables to Tourist Resorts in the Maldives.  IFCO could also provide technical support and other assistance to the producers.

NCE - ILO 1st Delineation

National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE) leads a delegation of Exporters to the Northern Province to establish business linkages.  

 The NCE which is the only private sector Chamber exclusively serving exporters, has collaborated with the Local Empowerment through Economic Development (LEED) project based in the North to lead a nine member exporter delegation representing 08 export companies with a view to establish business linkages with producers, suppliers and business entities in the Northern Province.   The NCE was represented by its Director Member Services, Director Trade Promotion and the Business Development Executive.

The LEED project is an initiative of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and is funded by Australian Aid (AUSAID) of the Government of Australia.  It had commenced operations in February 2011 in the Vavuniya North Division of the Northern Province,   and is currently operational in the Kilinochchi, Mulaithivu and Jaffna Districts.   The current phase of the project will continue until June 2015.

The objective of the LEED project is to promote inclusive economic development among the people in the Northern Province, creating decent employment opportunities, and long term sustainable livelihoods.   It recognizes the important role of the private sector, and specially the export sector to achieve these objectives.   It further believes that collaboration with the NCE, will create mutually beneficial linkages between exporters, with producers and processors in the project area.

The LEED project uses methods such as economic sector analysis, and value chain studies to identify opportunities and constraints in key economic sectors.   In doing so it works closely with the relevant District and Divisional Secretariats, as well as other government agencies, to achieve its objectives.  It also provides financial and technical support to implement initiatives to resolve constraints, and to exploit opportunities that are identified.

Phase 1 of the LEED project has focused on four main economic sectors,  viz Paddy cultivation, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Fruits and Vegetables and other agricultural crops, and the construction sector.  The project has so far been able to implement several initiatives successfully, to establish credibility with the local communities and to earn their trust.   Two member companies of the NCE have already established fruitful business linkages in the Fruits and Vegetable sub sector and the Boat Building sub sector related to fisheries.

Mr. Joseph Connelly, Chief Technical Advisor of the LEED Project and his local counterpart Mr. Nihal Devagiri initially briefed the Council of the NCE regarding its activities, and opportunities for the Exporter Community.  Following this briefing and the potential to establish fruitful business linkages, the NCE arranged a delegation of 09 exporters representing 08 export companies to visit the Northern Province from the 04th to the 06th of November 2014.  The areas of interest covered Fruits and Vegetables and other Agricultural Produce, Fisheries, as well as logistical services.

The staff of the LEED Project office based in Kilinochchi made all logistical arrangements for the visit of the delegation.  The programme included discussions with the District Secretaries and their staff in the Kilinochchi and Mulativu districts, relevant government officials, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the two districts as well as visits to farms and farmer organizations, business enterprises etc.

The delegation comprised representatives of Nidro Supply (Pvt) Ltd., Global Sea Foods (Pvt) Ltd., Agrinova (Pvt) Ltd., Ravi Industries Limited,   H J S Condiments (Pvt) Ltd. and Hayley’s Fibre PLC of the Hayley’s Group of Companies, Magic Corn & Agri (Pvt) Ltd. and Scanwell Logistics (Pvt) Ltd

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