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Hayleys Group Chairman Mohan Pandithage with  Mabroc Teas (Pvt) Ltd.  Managing Director Niran Ranatunge opening the Bubble Tea Outlet.

The concept of Bubble Tea which originated in Taiwan has found its way across the world and has been brought to life in Colombo with Mabroc Teas recently unveiling their flagship Bubble Tea store at the basement food court, Liberty Plaza.

This is the first of many Bubble Tea stores that are scheduled to be launched by Mabroc in the near future. The inaugural Bubble Tea store was opened by Mohan Pandithage, Chairman and Chief Executive of Hayleys PLC. Mabroc Teas is a pioneering Tea Exporter of Sri Lanka, and has spearheaded many innovative ventures within the Tea Industry and is a fully-fledged member of the Hayleys Group.

The Mabroc Bubble Tea store offers a range of unusual blends of Bubble Teas to the local consumer, giving customers a wide choice of over 30 exciting flavours of tea to choose from.

The range of tea drinks is skillfully blended to suit the local palate and the unique element of Mabroc Bubble Tea is that all drinks have natural tea as the base.

Bubble Tea conventionally contains chewable Tapioca Pearls, also referred to as Boba Bubbles. But in addition to this, Mabroc also offers unique Popping Bubbles which are bubbles with a softer texture, which burst with various fruit flavours upon biting into them. For the first time in Sri Lanka, Mabroc also offers an assortment of novelty jellies that kids and adolescents alike would find particularly appealing.

The wide range of flavours on offer contains 6 core categories and caters to all age groups. There is something to suit everyone’s taste buds.

The ‘Bubble Classics’ range serves up the universal favourites of milk, chocolate and toffee teas either hot or cold; whilst the ‘Bubble Fruiteas’ range contains fruit flavours blended with black and berry teas.

The ‘Bubble Shakes’ range is similar to the conventional smoothies, yet contains a range of flavoured teas assorted with milk.

The ‘Bubble Snow’ range is ideal for Colombo’s tropical weather as it contains refreshing crushed ice mixed with a dynamic blend of fruity teas.

The ‘Bubble Cubs’ range is an assortment of milk teas that contain visually appealing shaped jellies, while the ‘Bubble Herbyz’ range offers a unique selection of ayurvedic herbal teas for the first time in Sri Lanka, to cater to the health conscious.

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