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Jiffy Products Sri Lanka (JPSL) is the Sri Lankan subsidiary of European based Jiffy Products International BV. Jiffy Products International is a multinational company specializing in plant propagation solutions to growers around the world. Over 55 years ago the first Jiffy peat pot gave the horticulture industry an innovative growing container. Since then Jiffy has kept innovating and expanding its product line to the extensive range of high quality rooting products it offers today. Jiffy assures that there is a propagation media available for almost any crop or application. Jiffy has a global distribution network and production locations worldwide including Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, Estonia, Sweden & Germany.

Jiffy Products Sri Lanka (JPSL) was incorporated in 2003 as a BOI venture with the intention of taking advantage of the availability of coir fiber pith which was gaining popularity all over the world as a versatile plant propagation and growth media. Jiffy has added coco substrates to its portfolio as a renewable environmental friendly solution. Jiffy carries a comprehensive line of Coco based products which includes Jiffy Pellets, Growblocks, Growbags and Coco Discs. All these products are manufactured right here at source in Jiffy factories located in Sri Lanka.

In 2004 JPSL started its first commercial operations in Mirigama with two Jiffy-7 machines and today has grown to eight Jiffy-7 machines with a production capacity of 180 million Jiffy-7C pellets. In addition to its operations in Mirigama, in 2006 JPSL started its own coir fiber pith processing plant at Pannala and in 2009 opened an Engineering Centre of Excellence which would cater the requirements of the entire Jiffy group in providing Engineering Services to upgrade and maintain the Jiffy Group’s core competence in the product lines. Later in 2010 JPSL expanded its coir substrate production capacity by constructing a state-of-the-art coir substrate processing plant in Kobeigane in the Kurunegala District. With this increase in substrate capacity JPSL ventured into other Coir substrate product lines such as Jiffy Grow Blocks, Jiffy Coco Discs and Jiffy Grow Bags.

What Jiffy Sri Lanka offers to the Horticulture industry worldwide?

Jiffy Sri Lanka offers an array of coir based products to the horticulture industry worldwide.

Jiffy-7C Coco pith pellet

The 7C-series of pellets have been designed by Jiffy to aid the grower propagating under highly stressing climatic conditions. Jiffy coco pith pellets avoid water logging in the rooting media. Jiffy-7C offers the convenience of ‘media and container in one’ system combined with the benefits of a highly aerated easily drainable coir substrate.

Jiffy Growblock

Manufactured out of coco substrate derived from pithy tissues of coconut husk, Jiffy Growblock is a renewable, environmental friendly substrate with no disposal issues. Growblock is delivered as a dry plate, to be expanded into a block, offers the Jiffy ‘container and media in one’ benefits as well as logistical advantages, saving transportation and storage costs.

Jiffy Growbags

Jiffy Growbag is the most powerful multipurpose growing media available. Made of 100% coco substrate, the Grow bag is used for a broad range of crops. The product is delivered as a dry plate enclosed in plastic folio, black on the inside with a white outside layer. After rapid expansion with water and fertilizer solution, Jiffy Growbag is ready to be planted.

Jiffy Coco Disc

Jiffy Coco Disc is specially designed for the cultivation of Gerbera providing maximum structure stability and an optimal air / water ratio. The Jiffy treated media guarantees against high Na and K values, avoids excessive conductivity while at the same time having Ca and Mg readily available through the fertilizer added to the substrate. The Jiffy Coco Disc is produced from 100% coconut husk chips an environmental friendly and sustainable material.

Jiffy Product certifications & Quality systems

Quality is a key aspect of all products delivered by Jiffy. The company has always placed a high focus on quality and as such has obtained several quality standard certifications to this effect. The company has in place ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 – Environment Management System, ISO 18001:2007 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System, the RHP quality mark by the European Certification Institute for the Agricultural Sector (ECAS BV) and GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices.

Coir bearing the RHP quality mark is the best start for any cultivation. The composition of important nutrients is completely in balance. RHP coir is clearly different from other coir products. Only RHP producers have access to the unique knowledge that is needed to treat the coir properly, so as to achieve the desired level of nutrients.

Accolades won by Jiffy Sri Lanka

Since 2009 JPSL has been constantly picking up accolades in the Agriculture Value Added sector under Coconut and Coconut based products category at the National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) Export Awards.

In 2009 the company won Silver award in the Extra Large Category, while in 2010 JPSL won Silver award in the Medium Category. At the 2011 NCE Awards the company walked away with the Bronze award in the Large Category. In 2012 & 2013, the company won Gold medal in the Large category. JPSL won the Gold Award for the Most Outstanding Exporter in the Large category and the sector Gold award in the Agriculture Value added sector for the third consecutive year at the 2015 Export Awards. In the recently concluded NCE Export Awards 2016, JPSL walked away with Silver Award in the Large category.

Winning these awards reaffirm JPSL’s commitment to deliver the best possible products to customers worldwide.

How Jiffy Contribute to Sri Lankan Agriculture sector and Economy

The company has also contributed significantly to the Sri Lankan agriculture sector with multiple extension programs in association with several government, non-government and private sector institutions. Some of these projects include maintaining the county’s most successful plantation for hybrid seed coconut with the collaboration of the Sri Lanka Coconut Research Institute where there is coconut cultivation with several new hybrid coconut varieties in the fruiting stage, and introducing the Jiffy 7C pellet for the propagation of planting material through the latest plant propagation technologies to the local farming sector. The company also has a model plant house, and a model plantation spread over 35 acres of land to demonstrate how better growers can utilize farm lands for agriculture, and the cost effective methods they can use to maximize their production.

JPSL also works closely with the Department of Agriculture to provide farmers with new agricultural technology that will enable  them improve their cost and efficiency, while helping to cultivate a better produce. Jiffy is also involved in several other projects with the Tea Research Institute, Coconut Research Institute, and the Department of Agriculture.

JPSL pumps over Rs. 500 million to the rural economy in terms of raw material purchases and employment (Rs. 350 million for raw material purchases from fiber mills and village level suppliers, and Rs. 150 million for employment), and a further Rs. 100 million to the service sector of Sri Lanka. The company’s core strategy is to add value to the raw material (coir fiber pith and husk chips) rather than exporting this valuable resource as unprocessed bulk material.