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Floricultur & Horticulture Products

Company NameProducts
Dr. Dona Export and Importers (Pvt) LtdExport of cut foliage
Asian Cuttings Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
Ceylon Natural Exports (Pvt) LtdImport/Export General Trading – Cut Foliage & Flowers, Fruits & Vegitables
Ceylon Foliage (Pvt) Ltd
Floriculture - Rooted & Un- Rooted Cuttings
Dasuns House Plants
International Landscape Gardeners, Wholesale Nurserymen & Exporters of Tropical Plants, Flowers, Cut Foliage, Compost Manure, Coco Peat & Grass
Decor Foliage
Cut Foliage and foliage plants
Green Guard Foliage (pvt) Ltd
Cut foliage,flowers and plants
Sathuta International (Pvt) Ltd
Cut Foliage, Cut Flowers and Live Plants
Interex Enterprises (Pte) LtdExporter of Live pot plants, Rooted cuttings, Cut foliage and Cut flowers.
Jayampathi Lanka Exports (Pvt) Ltd.
Fibosil Brand Horiculture Products
Mike Flora International (Pvt) Ltd
Live Foliage Plants, Cut Foliage & Tissue Cultured Plants
Nekab (Pvt) Limited
Cocopoles (Grow Poles) , Weedmats, Geotextile Nets, Cocopeat Blocks and Briquettes, Coco Disks, Coir Ropes and Garden Hoses Etc
Ramya Horticulture (Pvt) Ltd
Ornamental plants, Tissue culture plants, Unrooted cuttings and cut foliage for floral decorations.
Serendib Horiculture Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
Tissue culture & Nursery Plants,overseas consultancies in horticulture and biotechnology


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