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Awareness program on Quarantine Issues related to
Export/ Import of Plants and Animals

in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Department of Animal Production & Health

Dr. D.M.J.B.Senanayaka
Additional Director-
National Plant Quarantine Service Department of

Dr. Mrs. Sriyalatha
Chief Animal Quarantine Officer-
Department of Animal Product & Health

  • What is Plant Quarantine?
    Why is Plant Quarantine necessary?
    What is Quarantine pest?
    How do Alien pests Gain Entry into the country?
    What are Quarantine Strategies?
    What is Phytosanitary Certificate?
    What is the purpose of post- entry Quarantine?
    What are Plant Quarantine treatments?
    Promotion of export of healthy plants and plant products
    Plant Quarantine registration procedure
    What is a phytosanitary certification and how obtain certificate
    Plant Quarantine documentation procedure
    Prevention, introduction, establishment and spread of dangerous alienpests within the country.
    What are the domestic pest control programmes?
    Development of treatment technologies to eradicate pests of quarantine importance
  • What is Animal Quarantine?
    The need for Animal Quarantine
    How to obtain certification in Animal
    Registration Procedure
    Animal Act
    Animal Disease Act
    Animal Feed Act

Investment Rs. 1400/= (all inclusive)

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